Discover the Reality of
Scientific Mythology

 The Facts of Self-Animating Networks in Nature and a New, Realistic Role for the Mythic Imagination

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The Case for a
Scientific Mythology

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>What is Scientific Mythology
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The New Knowledge of Complex Network Science
and Its Mythological Reality of Self-Animating Systems

     What If—

We are ignorant of how the world creates much of its order and
that ignorance is causing us to destroy Nature’s capacity to maintain its order ?

       What If—
There is scientific evidence that most of Nature’s order is caused by self-animating networks
whose operations are incomprehensible to our mechanistic modern mentality ?

       What If—
This new scientific knowledge can only be fully appreciated through the symbolic modeling of the mythic imagination’s spiritual forces ?

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There is a New Science of Nature’s Self-Animating Networks.
               It could change our Cultural Sense of Reality — But . . .

Now Two Ways Order is Created

     The recent science of self-organizing complex system networks confronts us with autonomous agency in Nature. This inexplicably emergent activity is what effectively animates the natural systems of life. Thus it resembles the spiritual forces of mythology. It arises from aspects of interdependent network operations in unpredictable ways, often from disorderly conditions, yet enables complex systems to both sustain and adapt themselves. It orders natural systems, from cells to bodies, minds, cities, and forests, through autonomous volition.
     The evidence is compelling but confounding. While it does not appear to violate the laws of physics, this network agency generates order in ways which evidently arise from events those laws cannot predict or fully explain.  There now appear to be two, different ways that Nature creates order. And most of the order in and around us derives from the second, inexplicably emergent ordering.

But One Mode of Order Creation is Incomprehensible

      The recent science of self-ordering networks is changing our understanding of most everything--from biology and evolution to politics and religion. But its implications are so challenging to our existing worldview they feel incomprehensible, despite their scientific basis.  Our current cultural definition of reality provides no way to engage this new evidence for how nature creates and maintains itself. Yet our ignorance of it has devastating effects. It not only blinds us to the underlying operations of our selves and societies, it is leading us to destroy the self-organization of natural systems, on which life itself depends. Our mechanistic modern worldview is incapable of comprehending how Nature’s systems act intentionally to create and organize the biosphere—and thus how human behavior is crippling that activity.

The Science of a New Mytho-logical Reality
     Appreciating this confounding new view of how the world actually works requires a radical scientific re-education—even for most scientists—because scientific method has unexpectedly revealed what it cannot fully measure or explain. This was not supposed to happen. But the strangest part of the new scientific knowledge is its relationship with the spiritual symbolism of our archaic mythological imagination. Read through this science, myth turns out to be the symbolic modeling of complex systems and their autonomous, volitional networks.  The abstractions of systems science show how myth does indeed revel an "other world" of spiritually animating forces.
     Myth's emotionally compelling, symbolic modeling of the new scientific facts make Nature's self-animating networks tangible. Science now compels us to restore the reality of myth, but not as religious belief. Mythic imagination can now be understood as cognitive access to a mysterious way that things happen--a mode of intentional order creation that cannot be defined in purely mechanical terms. Mythic symbolism makes tangible what the science reveals but cannot fully explain.

The Scientific Mythology of Cultural Transformation

     If we are now to be genuinely scientific, we must undergo a cultural transformation. We must become scientifically mytho-logical, combining facts and symbolism, so that we can experience the world as it actually happens. To think like Nature acts, we must think in terms of willful system networks. To do that, we must imagine networks as subjective spiritual agents, whose order-creating autonomy animates us and the world we inhabit. We must realize that, though we can interact with these networks, we cannot control them. Only then will we perceive how devastating our manipulations of natural systems are to the self-sustaining network operations of the biosphere.

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